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Welcome to Wiqipedia, the free encyclopedia that no one can edit.

This encyclopedia addresses the issues with the editable one that any cunt, dimwit or twat can troll legitimate articles. It also goes against facts where facts conflict with politically correct. Finally, political lobbies and biased activists have an infamous history of blocking certain pages that they deem their own property in terms of "truth" version.

This encyclopedia will barely focus on articles that we deem genuinely misrepresented in most sites across the internet. We will follow the same guidelines that made other encyclopedias a haven of mostly precise and valuable free information, namely citing serious sources and elaborating our articles as precisely as we can. This is a work in progress.

Getting started

  • Grab a warm of cool drink
  • Take a comfortable position
  • Keep calm and expect anything
  • If you read something you don't like, don't jump and get all worked up, just get the fuck out of here
  • Don't try to find the "Edit" link, it's not here if you're not an authorized member
  • Don't try to contact us, we will not reply to any request

This being said, if you do stay and decide to read up, well, enjoy it while you can!